Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Context Clues

 To All of the WONDERFUL Teachers and Parents:  

Are you looking for ways to help your students understand the meaning of various words?  Well, I am constantly searching for ways to help in this process.  

After researching and analyzing various state tests, I found that explanation and inference types of context clues are used in most instances to aid in determining the meaning of unknown words.  So last school year, I developed context clue cards pertaining to the Common Core standards.  It includes Informational and Literary content.  I strategically developed mostly explanation and inference types of context clues.  I can actually say, it truly helped the students I work with across grade levels.  

I chose Tier 2 words from each letter of the alphabet.  This  Common Core hands on activity will give your students a lot of practice with context clues.  Below are samples......

Click Here  to obtain a copy of this literacy center.

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